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While these products seem to shoot high-quality marijuana and advertised as “smoking experience” high “,” smokers are not getting on, even as calls aunzi in one sitting. That is because none of them contained traces of tetrahydrocannibanol (THC), the banks of psychoactive cannabis, or any other psychoactive ingredient known to the trial.

But the combination of herbs and incense, which hit the market in the past year is different.First, are sold as something to smoke. Each package specifically states that it is used as incense or aromatherapy and “not for human consumption.” But the big difference is that these are a mixture of frankincense, with names such as Pep-pourri, Serenity Now, and Puff, containing a synthetic Chemical compound JWH, 018. Many mock mixture is sold as a pot smoking non-renewable.

And JWH-018 is what people are doing stone. Although it is only used as ingredient in the perfume of plants now, first developed in 1995 for research, for the organic chemist John W.Huffman at Clemson University in South Carolina. He created the chemical compound to try to get cannabinoid receptors in the brain – that part of the THC in cannabis and buttons to produce feelings of euphoria – and research shows it was successful.

Christian Steup, doctor or pharmacist in Frankfurt, Germany-based THC Pharm, which makes the drug cannabis, told Chemistry World JWH-018 are “four or five times as strong as tetrahydrocannabinol, more known as THC.

Unlike Salvia divinorum, a psychoactive plant, organic Visage used in religious ceremonies by Aztec shamans and packaged and sold at head shops now, JWH-018 are fully synthetic. The effects are also different: People can smoke Salvia trances not llucinate or spiritual experience, they say smoke JWH-018 replica of cannabis on: Hot dizziness or lightheadedness, feeling of relaxation, even hunger.

U.S. DEA study of JWH-018 in 2009. The resulting report noted a lack of research published in the current scheme, and four described pharmacology studies DEA behavior “where the animals were given JWH-018.

“In rats, decreased overall activity, provides that lgesia, reduce body temperature and produces catalepsy muscle rigidity,” says the report. “JWH-018 of activity in four experiments shows that you can affect the psychoactive THC to humans.”

In other words, cigarettes JWH-018 probably the same effect with cannabis smoking. And it is quite legal. You can even get a free sample at

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